The Art of Mouth Blown Glassware

Each piece in every collection of mouth-blown and hand-decorated lead free crystal is produced individually in the European country of Romania. Not only is the creative process time consuming, it is also demanding. Each glass is a piece of art created by a worker best described as an artisan.
Glass blowing is the art of creating an object from molten glass by blowing air into it utilizing a tube. The glass in the oven takes days to melt. The oven (pictured above) is never turned off. The artisan collects molten glass onto the tip of his blow rod being careful to accumulate just the right amount for the piece to be blown. Depending on the decor of the glass, two of three artisans may have to work together on the same piece quickly before the glass cools. Each ware is then blown to the proper thickness and into the proper shape by mouth. Once the shape and thickness of the piece have been achieved, the glass is allowed to cool. if the decor requires etching, the piece is then sent onto etching stations where artisans use an etching wheel to cut the pattern into the glass.
Once etching is complete, the glass is polished and sent to the painting stations. Here artists paint the glass by hand using natural luster and real gold. Once the decor is complete the piece reaches the final stage where it is fired one more time to ensure long-lasting strength, durability, and color.