About our Glassware

The glassware we offer is 100% lead free crystal. Each piece of mouth-blown and hand-decorated crystal is produced individually in the European country of Romania, in the old tradition of blowing glass. Crystal is a popular term for colorless 24% lead glass that has a high refractive index and consequently is particularly brilliant. Today, the word is often used to describe any fine glass tableware, even if it does not contain lead, as is the case here. Lead crystal has the transparency and brilliance to allow wine to show its best colors.

This unique glassware and stemware is meticulously crafted at the Cristiro factory in Bistrita, BN, Transylvania, Romania, and then directly imported to the U.S. Glass blowing is the art of creating an object from molten glass by blowing air into it utilizing a tube. The glass in the oven takes days to melt so the ovens are never turned off. The artisan collects the molten glass onto the tip of his blow rod, being careful to accumulate just the right amount for the piece to be blown. After the glass is cooled, other craftsman add the elements required for each design. One last firing ensures that the color will last for a very long time. This glassware in not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned by hand to maintain the luster and the unique characteristics of this fine glassware. See our care instructions for more details. The beauty and uniqueness of this glassware will be worth the effort.

Each piece is mouth-blown and hand engraved. Quality Fine glassware, as with all hand crafted fine glassware each piece may have slight imperfections which celebrate the unique, one of a kind, feature of these collections. None of these pieces are exactly alike, however, they go through a rigorous quality control process insuring that only the highest quality product is imported to the USA.

All of our glassware is double boxed to help ensure that you receive these beautiful glasses in the most pristine condition possible. If for some reason there is some damage that occurs during shipping you can rest assured that we will back your purchase and have a replacement sent to you free of charge ASAP.