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  • Milano Collection

    The Milano Collection, our bestseller, provokes the mind and stimulates the eyes with its unpredictable swirl design, and "stained glass" like finish. The Milano Collection includes many pieces like, Drink Glasses, Decanters, Pitchers, Bowls, Candle Holders, Vases and Wind Lamps. Milano is our largest and most popular collection so have a look around and I am sure that you will find why it is our best seller.

  • Milano Noir Collection

    The Milano Noir Collection of glassware, stemware and wine accessories is individually hand painted in Romania with 24K gold accents and red swirls separated by a Black "Thread". It is sure to grace any home decor or dinner table setting. The Milano Noir is similar to the Popular Milano Collection but with Black "Thread" instead of Cobalt Blue. Hand wash only to maintain the bright luster of the glassware. Pieces include: Balloon Goblet, Goblet, Martini Glass, Over-sized Red & White Glasses.

  • Milano Special Edition

    The Milano Special Edition Collection, one of our bestseller, provokes the mind and stimulates the eyes with its unpredictable swirl design, and "stained glass" like finish. To apply the intricate glass pattern, one craftsman rotates the blob of glass on its axis while another dabs a rod into molten Platinum and spins a thin strand of the material onto the lower portion of the piece. Milano & Milano Special Edition is one of our largest and most popular collection so have a look around and I am sure that you will find why it is our best seller.

  • Afterglow Collection

    Afterglow Collection This collection features a frosted stem or base that continues with a swirl into the bowl which brings out a very modern look. A tribute to clean, colorless crystal, The Afterglow Collection features an elegant etched pattern. After the glass form is created from molten glass by an artisan, it is then allowed to cool. Then the matte finish at the bottom of each piece is created when the glass is dipped into an acidic substance causing the glass to be “frosted” yet smooth. Each individual piece then goes on to etching stations where craftsmen etch the lined pattern into the glass.

  • Arctic Collection

    The Arctic Collection: The stemware in this line does not feature your usual stem, but the bowl sits on a polished, heavier cone shaped base, edged in a shiny honeycomb pattern. The bowl is very clear and smooth. All tumblers are edged in the clear honeycomb pattern of the stems.

  • Arctic Frost Collection

    Arctic Frost Collection The stemware in this line does not feature your usual stem, but the bowl sits on an unpolished, heavier cone shaped base, edged in a honeycomb pattern. Unlike the Arctic, which is clear throughout, the Arctic Frost is left unpolished, creating the “frosted” look. The base of each piece bears a permanent resemblance to regular glasses that have been placed "to frost" in the freezer. The bowls of the glasses are very clear and smooth. All tumblers are edged in the frosted honeycomb pattern of the stems. This collection is similar to the Arctic Collection except that where the ‘Arctic ’ is polished and shiny the ‘Frost’ is not.

  • Bacchus Collection

    The Bacchus Crystal Wine Goblet is hand painted, mouth blown crystal accented with a Bacchus grape vineyard design accented with 24k gold. This attractive crystal wine goblet is from our Bacchus glassware collection and make a perfect gift idea for any occasion that a unique gift is desired. The Bacchus Collection, named after the Roman God of Wine, is very beautiful collection with a vineyard theme featuring hand-painted vines and grapes in vibrant colors. This collection of mouth-blown crystal utilizes an optic design for added sparkle. It is carefully wheel engraved by hand depicting a grapevine motif before being delicately painted using natural luster. The resulting product is magnificent.

  • Cathy Collection

    Cathy Collection This collection is a clear lead free optic glass, a decorating technique that yields ripples in the glass, presenting a simple yet elegant look to your home. The stems of this glasses are a little thicker, feature that makes them more solid and resistant and bring a good feeling to the palm of your hand when hold with a drink.

  • Dionysus Collection

    The Dionysus ( named after the Greek God of Wine ) is an exceptionally beautiful set decorated with a vineyard design. Full of vibrant colors and texture. Wine Glass features vibrant hand painted grapes and leafs. Each Wine Glass depicts the grapes the wine is made from and is decorated with the name of each wine with a vineyard design full of vibrant colors and texture. Each glass in this collection displays a different type of wine, while the carafe brings all the different wines together. Choose from Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Red Zinfandel and Merlot glasses.

  • Georgio Collection

    A perennial favorite, this collection is especially popular with wineries, tasting rooms, and wine gift shops. The collection consists of 21 items covering everything from drinking glasses to decanters, candle holders and vases. More rugged in design, this glass is noticeably thicker and heavier.

  • NuVin Collection

    Is there something missing? Where are the stems? The NuVin Glassware Collection features the latest trend in tabletop: stemless wine glasses. This collection is perfect for the wine drinker that doesn’t always want the formality of a stemmed wine glass, but something more casual. The glasses are optic, which is created from a technique where the glass is deeply faceted before it is blown. Pieces include: Carafe, Goblet, Red Wine Glass and White Wine Glass.

  • Oliva Collection

    This collection features a classic olive branch design with 24k gold accents. The olives are a beautiful deep purple with gold accent on the leaves of the branch.

  • Orleans Collection

    The Orleans Collection features a bold red, yellow, green and blue colored pattern that is outlined in 24k gold. This festive colorful design is sure to be a hit during Mardi Gras, Cinco De Mayo or any time of year. This festive Orleans collection is imported from Romania where each piece is mouth-blown and hand painted. Pieces include: Bud Vase, Candle holders, Champagne Flute and Halo Flute, Dessert Bowl, Double Old Fashion Glass, Hi Ball Glass, Margarita Glass, Martini Glass and Pitcher, Red and White Wine Glasses, and Decanter.

  • Roxi Collection

    The Roxi Collection is a perfectly modernistic design. The Roxi Collection's cubic motif was realized by the artist Roxana Maria Cebanu. Engraved by hand with fine parallel lines with squares & rectangles edged in between. Each piece is created individually by hand from lead-free crystal. After the glass form is created by an artisan and allowed to cool, it then goes on to etching stations. Here the design is etched into the piece by a craftsman. In addition, each piece is also personalized with the artist's signature to ensure authenticity. Pieces include: Champagne Flute, Martini Glass, Martini Pitcher and White Wine Glass. A modernistic design that's simple but with style & class.

  • Sade Collection

    The Sade Collection is a simply elegant line of traditional glassware. It features neither engraving nor paint, just clear crystal, but there is something that makes this line unique from all the others. The shape and careful formation of the glasses actually enhances the flavor of wine!

  • Tears & Cheers Collection

    This Crystal Glassware from our Tears & Cheers collection which is made of clear crystal with a colored glass bubble elongated throughout the stem. The Deep Blue or Orange Color featured in the stem bring a modern yet elegant look to your table. Each piece of this fascinating crystal stemware is hand blown glass manufactured with the finest lead free crystal glass and imported from Romania.

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